Welcome to Real Mexican Food

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Authentic Mexican food

Mexican food is much loved by individuals across the country and around the world. Some of our favorites include:

Burritos - folded flour tortilla with meat or beans

Enchiladas - folded corn tortilla with meat or cheese and beans

Taquitos - rolled and fried corn tortilla with beef or chicken

Quesadillas - Mexican version of a grilled cheese sandwich made with flour tortilla).


Looking for something a little more exotic? Give something new a try, like:

Tamales - corn husks wrapped around cornmeal and chicken

Chimichangas - deep-fried burritos

Chorizo - spicy Mexican sausage

Mole - flavored gravy made with chiles, spices, herbs and chicken broth


Other items you'll see on our menu include: Chalupas - flat crispy corn tortilla with beans, lettuce and guacamole on top

Chile relleno - poblano pepper stuffed with cheese and potatoes

Tostaguac - flat crispy tortilla with beans, beef, lettuce, guacamole and tomatoes on top

Mole poblano - made like mole but with extra flavors of chocolate and nuts

Full bar with daily margarita specials!